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Welcome to Whiskey Creek Timber Framing

Whether you are planning to build a timber framed permanent residence, timber frame cottage, timber frame cabin, the idea of that perfect timber frame home is a dream that we can bring to life. Since 1980, we have integrated the perfect blend of design excellence, precision workmanship and modern technology. This is allowing us to set the standard for exceptional timber frame buildings that are as inherently energy efficient and environmentally friendly as they are strong and beautiful.

We at Whiskey Creek Timber Framing are dedicated to the creation of timber frame buildings which reflect our clients individual taste and ideas. All of our timber frame buildings showcase the precise craftsmanship that only decades of experience is able to produce.

We also produce a number of timber frame cabins and cottages.

We are located on Vancouver Island at: 3645 Tralee Road, Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K 1V6.

Hand Crafted Timber Frame Homes

For timber frame projects of any size, our expertise will bring your vision for a Timber Frame home to life. A finely crafted timber frame is a complete building system of timeless value. As custom builders of timber frame homes we strive to deliver outstanding quality and value for our clients. We are your partner for your building project from design to finish or just for the timber frame part. Our timber frame homes are made from kiln died timbers or green Douglas Fir timbers. The strength and durability of a timber frame home, combined with the beauty of the wood, enable these structures to last for centuries and age with grace. Today's timber frame homes symbolize the fusion of old and new. They offer modern finished living spaces, kitchens and high ceilings that promotes natural living.


Our highly skilled timber frame team work in a 10 000 sq.ft timber frame shop. We are equipped with our own sawmill and a dry kiln, allowing us to cut and kiln dry the timbers to timber-frame-floor-system guarantee the highest possible quality of material and workmanship for your home right from the start. All our timber frames are pre-fitted in the shop. The timber frame joints are scribed tight and the timber frame peg holes are tension drilled. This method greatly reduces on site assembly time and subsequently crane time.

The Wood

Douglas Fir, our wood of preference, is the strongest structural wood and features a warm and beautiful color. We also use Red Cedar, mainly for exterior timber frame work. Whiskey Creek Timber Framing offers the choice between green (not dried) or kiln dried timbers. The timber frame joinery on dry timbers stays tight and doesn't twist. Only dry timbers can be sanded and varnished. Our dry kiln is big enough to dry two timber frame homes at once. It has a capacity of 25000 boardfeet. We use a low temperature computer controlled drying process to ensure the highest quality possible. Our kiln dried timbers show less checking than air dried timbers. The timbers have no honey comb and no cell collapse.

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