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Timber Frame Cabin And Cottage Kits

cabin on the lake

Our structures are designed to be easily and fast assembled. All timbers are cut and test fitted in our shop. It is ideal for the do-it-yourself building crew. Most sets can be assembled and put to lockup on a weekend by a crew of four.

The structures are enclosed with structural insulated panels for superior insulation and fast installation. Our buildings have a minimum R value of 20 for walls and 28 for roofs. Log cabins are nice looking, but do not perform well as all season buildings. There insulation values go from R 4 to R 8 if done well. That is why our cabins come with structural insulated panels as exterior walls. This walls perform twice as well as stick walls with fibreglass insulation. We owe it to the planet to insulate right. All our buildings are designed for all season use.

All our cabin kits are produced with the same attention to detail and finishing as our custom timber frame projects. A timber frame structure is ideal for your rental cabin or cottage. It is beautiful, strong and functional.

All timber frames are made from Douglas Fir, planed, stop chamfered, sanded and sealed with an oil sealer.

All kits include all material from above subfloor or slab to lockup, accept windows and doors.

  • The timber frame
  • Wall system, insulated, ready to assemble
  • 2 x 6 TandG decking for ceilings and loft floor
  • Roof framing and sheeting for vented roof design
  • Fibreglass shingles
  • All fasteners for timber frame and wall system